Lemmon Valley Recovery Update

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This update is over 30 days old.

Dear Lemmon Valley residents,

We remain dedicated to continue to share updates with you regarding the status of the Recovery Plan as they become available. As the weather begins to shift and we experience warmer temperatures, we want to share how you can continue to stay prepared throughout changes and what effects this may bring.

Communication Enhancement – Lake Levels

In an effort to share the current lake levels with you, we have recently launched a new graphic on our website that illustrates current lake levels. The new graphic points out the current water level, monitored and updated weekly, along with an early measurement of the lake during the flood and the protection level indicating the top of the barrier. We hope this serves to quickly keep you updated on where current lake levels are at, as well as ensure you that the current measures in place are adequately protecting the area from further flooding. Here is a look at the new graphic:

Current Swan Lake Level

Current Silver Lake Level

You can visit this page and check the levels weekly by visiting: https://www.washoecounty.us/emergency_alerts/weather-advisory.php

Lemmon Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant

We have received several concerns regarding Washoe County’s Lemmon Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant. We want to ensure you that the Washoe County Utility developed a response plan which has been successfully implemented. This plan includes various levels of protections for the berms surrounding the plant and the two sludge ponds, and also addresses the continued successful treatment of the sewer flows to meet the requirements established by the Nevada Department of Environmental Quality (NDEP). We continue to work with the State regulators who visit the plant once per week to check on the operation. They have confirmed we are, and have continued to be, in compliance with discharge regulations and are satisfied with our approach.

Mosquito Prevention

The weather is beginning to warm up which brings an increase in mosquito and other vector activity. Mosquitos are vectors, an insect that can transmit a disease from one plant or animal to another, including humans, so residents need to take precautions to prevent being bitten. The Washoe County Health District encourages everyone to avoid biting insects by taking the following precautions:

  • Wear pants and long-sleeved shirts and apply repellent such as Deet, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, or other natural products to
    protect yourself from biting mosquitos. Two layers of repellent may be applied, one on the skin and a second on clothing.
  • Repair tears in doors and window screens around your home or office, or keep them closed to keep mosquitos outside.
  • Remove standing water or any objects that can trap or collect water around your property which make breeding grounds for mosquitos. Mosquitos can breed in very small amounts of water, like planters, pet food bowls, toys, tires, and other items lying around homes and yards.
  • If you have ponds, troughs or water features around your property, contact the Washoe County Health District Vector-Borne Disease Prevention Program to see if free Mosquito Fish are available. Mosquito Fish feed on mosquito larvae before they mature into biting insects.

For more information on Washoe County’s Vector-Borne Disease Prevention Program, visit https://www.washoecounty.us/health/programs-and-services/vector-borne-diseases/mosquitoborneencephalitis.php

Traffic Update

Lemmon Drive will remain closed until it is deemed safe to all residents and the public to re-open. The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the community to drive slowly and use precaution in residential areas. The Sheriff’s Office has maintained a consistent presence in the area to help control and monitor the area for those exceeding the speed limits. We thank you for being respectful and courteous to your neighbors and to these traffic enforcement issues.

Washoe County Incident Command Team


  • It is hard to believe that it's been 6 months that Lemmon drive and Idaho Street has been closed. Please don't say that evaporation is the only solution. I am now concerned about the traffic nightmare in two months when the Air Race week is here! How in the world will folks in the valley navigate Military Road and Stead Blvd with those being the main thoroughfares for the airport. Please tell me you have a plan? Sincerely, Susan Walker

    Nevadabill "(over 4 years ago)"
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